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Ensure continuous and reliable production process to increase your productivity

Our customer needed to increase the efficiency and productivity of the production process. With our solution, we increased production by 8% and shortened the aluminums casting processes by 4 seconds.

The problem: Our customer who produces aluminums by high pressure die casting needed to accelerate aluminums casting processes in order to increase the efficiency of production process. To achieve this goal our technician specialist had to solve the question of shorten application time of form lubrication. One of the robot picks the product out from the form when the casting process end and the second robot starts lubricate the form. Lubrication can only begin when it is verified that the product has really left the form to prevent the other robot does not erase the product. The checking process was applied during the processing process of the product. From the point of view of efficiency it was too late. The customer wanted a solution that confirms product removal immediately after catching by robot to start the lubrication process. Čítajte viac