Creating a positive electric charge during a body painting process

The problem:  Our customer in field of automotive industry had a problem with frequent filter changes of the filters in automotive paint booth. A car bodywork is covered with a plastic wrap but the roof that is painitng is not covered. During painting process of the car roof of different colour, they had large splashes and the amount of paint fell to the floor. Our customer had to often change filters which led to cost increases.

Soulution: In order to help our customer to minimalize the filter changes in the automotive paint booth we prepared for the customer offer. That offer contained the static generators for temporary adhesion and static charge electrodes that charge the plastic wrap on the sides of the bodywork with positive charge. Painting color has neutral charge and it is attracted to the plastic wrap and then does not get into the filters in the car painting cabin. The static charge generator was installed directly in front of the car pain painting cabin.

Used product: The Fraser Static Generator E7360P-AC and the static generators in a length of 600 mm and the static generators in a length of 300 mm from Fraser Anti-Static Techniques. The Static Generator E7360P-AC is the latest technology in safe, controllable high voltage up to 30kV for temporary adhesion applications. Installation is possible in dry and oil free locations, with a maximum temperature of around 40 ° C.

The resulting benefit: Using The Fraser Static Generator E7360P-AC and the static generators we helped our customer to decrease financial losses resulting from frequent filter replacement. We also helped to improve the flow of the production process. During testing phase we demonstrated that using ionization generators on the plastic wrap was captured more than twice color than before, which represents an increase of filter life cycle of 33%. 

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