The elimination of the electric charge in the production of a foil

Problem: In a company producing foils had a problem with a strong electric charge. On the machine, wherein the foil is produced and wound on a roll, we measured the electric charge up to 180 kV. Because of this the foil used to stick to itself or to the machine, got stuck or torn and this led to frequent stop of production.

Solution:  We suggested to the customer using antistatic bars FRASER 3024 L. We tested solution in operation and we were able to completely eliminate the electric charge,  allowing production to function continuously and smoothly.


Illustrative picture

Used product: Anti-Static Ionising Bar 3024 L Fraser Anti-Static Techniques. The 3024L is an ideal Long Range static eliminator for many machinery manufacturers: compact, with built-in electronics, 24VDC supply and powerful performance.


The resulting benefit: With our solution, we eliminated an electric charge and helped to prevent tearing of the foil in the machine. We helped them also to speed up production and save time that previously needed for re-starting the machine. The machine stopped once a day and the length of downtime was about 20 minutes. Customer saves approximately 6.5 hours of downtime per month. Return of funds spent on the purchase of ionising bars is approximately 6 months.